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DIY kit, Children's Crimea
DIY kit, Children's Crimea


Plastic Fantastic is an exclusive granular plastic for making toys, jewelry and key rings. Granular craft plastic dissolves in water at a temperature of 60 degrees and becomes elastic, like plasticine. The finished plastic toy can be melted in hot water and you can make a new one out of it! Each color is sold separately.

Set for handicrafts Children's Crimea. View 1
Set for handicrafts Children's Crimea. View 1

Additional Information

Type of creativity sculpting
Gift purpose child's birthday
Age group 6+
Product weight with packaging (g) 95 g
Packing width 8 cm
Packing depth 7 cm
Creative kit name PLASTIC FANTASTIC
Country of Origin Hong Kong
Equipment Granular plastic 95 g

General characteristics

Number of items in a package 1 can

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