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Kazan Rashko Baba 30095979
Kazan Rashko Baba 30095979


Afghan cauldrons work on the principle of a pressure cooker, cooking takes up to three times less time than in a conventional pan, thereby saving your time. The principle of operation is as follows: the steam generated during the boiling of water does not evaporate, but accumulates inside a hermetically sealed pressure cooker. Due to this, the pressure increases, the water is heated to a high temperature, and the food is cooked much faster. For an Afghan cauldron, minimal fire is enough. Thus, you will save not only time, but also money. It is important to remember that the cauldron can be filled no more than 2/3 of the total volume, and 1/3 of the part can be left for proper operation. PLEASE NOTE that the actual volume of the cauldron is less than stated by the manufacturer.

Kazan Rashko Baba. Black colour. View 1
Kazan Rashko Baba. Black colour. View 1
Kazan Rashko Baba. Black colour. View 2
Kazan Rashko Baba. Black colour. View 2

Product characteristics

decorative elements tableware; cast iron with a lid; at the stake; on the coals; grill; khankishis; outdoor cauldron; for pilaf; for a fire; for fire
Internal coating aluminum
Cookware material cast aluminum cauldron
Add. frying pan/pot options saucepan with a lid; double boiler; pressure cooker for stove; multicooker; Afghan cauldron; miracle; tefal; scarlet; polaris
Purpose of dishes cauldron wok; Vesuvius; flat bottom; suspension
Packing width 35 cm
Packing height 35 cm
Packing depth 35 cm
Country of Origin Afghanistan
Equipment Afghan cauldron for 15 liters

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