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Barbecue set, Barbecue
Barbecue set, Barbecue


This set of 26 stainless steel BBQ utensils will allow you to comfortably and effortlessly tackle the tough task of cooking meat. The kit includes everything you need, is easy to transport and always at hand in a convenient aluminum case. Also included is a special steak thermometer to ensure you get the perfect doneness! The set includes: - Tongs - Spatula - Fork - Cooking brush - Grill brush - 4 cob holders - 6 skewers - 4 small knives - 4 small forks - 2 pepper and salt jars - Thermometer.

Barbecue set. View 1
Barbecue set. View 1
Barbecue set. View 2
Barbecue set. View 2

Additional Information

Cookware material stainless steel
Purpose of dishes B-B-Q; B-B-Q; party; romantic date; barbecue set
Packing width 13 cm
Packing height 37 cm
Packing depth 7 cm
Equipment case; brush; scapula; knife; brush; forceps; fork for meat; SHAMPOO - 6 pcs; meat thermometer; cans -2 pcs

General characteristics

Number of items in the package 1 PC.; 26 pcs.

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